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Hello, my name is Anastasia. I am a gentle, well-educated and kind woman with great willpower and purposeful character. I have a big hobby, when I was 8 years old mom took me to the model school and till nowadays I am professional model, clothes-shows, fashion and stage in my blood. I like it and it is a hobby for me, which brings me money. Still, my real job I do, I am financier in a local company. Have a lot of troubles at office and each day fixing a lot of business. I am not sure that it is mine. I feel more like I wish to create a family and start my own family life. I do not want to build career. I want mutual love, mutual feelings, own family! Beloved man and maybe children more. I do not know how it will work. I am not looking for a young boy of my age and there are a big reason on such my design. It is more personal and if you are interested I will answer on this question more personal here. Do not want to write it here on my page. I do not like the fact that locally many people and many men know well that I am model and trying to take me as a victim-doll, in this business there are a lot of danger and secrets.
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