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I am single, well mannered, smart, healthy, village girl. I was born in a little village. My parents are farmers. I left my home few years ago and moved. I am working and studding. Home I am cooking for myself, doing same things as you should be doing there too. Evenings I feel loneliness most of all. When I am going to bed, I have a lot of different thoughts and ideas in my head. I have never had serious relations with men. I do not want to build career. I know for sure, I want to meet a good man and create own family. I am looking for a life partner. I like sports, good music, dancing. I am simple, still I am positive and with a nice sense of humor! I started University and studding well, soon I will become a professional lady in tourism and business. We have a rule here, from old times, people saying if you will not finish a good university, you will not have a good job and good money. I do not now why, but I do not think it is true. I am sure, we should do things we truly like. We should be with a person we really love. Only then we shall find piece and happiness. Agree?
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